Travel Career Strategist Kimberly Ramsawak

I’m Kimberly Ramsawak, and my main mission is to help you get paid to travel the world while doing work you love.

I get it. You’re the kinda woman who wants to see the world.

Because when you travel, you feel free. Expansive. And like the world is at your manicured fingertips (because honestly, it is).

Tell me: What if you could move your career from the cubicle to the cabana (or a cozy cafe) without giving up your current salary, stability or living situation?

You can. And I can show you how.

As a travel career strategist for professional ambitious women ready to take action and live the global lifestyle they’ve always dreamed of, I help drive women like you to nail down a dream job that not only lets you travel, but pays you well to do it.

Or, you know, become well-heeled and well-traveled in one swoop.

Just imagine if THIS was YOUR reality:

  • Sashaying out the front door of a hotel in India to a black car designated to drive you straight to the Taj Mahal (and later, a client’s trade show, a 5-star dinner and a museum that’s closed to the public but open just for you).
  • Attending exclusive (but relaxed) parties in secret locations with the world’s most elite international professionals.
  • Getting access to a city’s most popular attractions without the lines (or the stress).

...All without becoming an expat, putting your apartment up for sale or selling all your beloved Jimmy Choos.

Not too long ago, that WAS my reality. (And yes, it was every bit as delicious and luxurious as it sounds.)

And to date, I’ve traveled to over 80 cities across 5 continents.

But before that?

I was a lot like you…

  • A cubicle-dwelling woman with her heart in travel but her head in her career. A woman who thought she had done it all right (good college, good job, good, hard worker – check!).
  • And a woman who was also feeling stuck, stagnant and seriously jealous of other women who were traveling the world when I only got to do it for 2 weeks a year, if I was lucky.

The truth was, I was spending my days staring at screens, signing checks + downing one too many lattes, but I had a (large) side of me that craved adventure, novelty and new cultures.

And I knew my destiny wasn’t to stay cooped up in a cubicle til I became VP (as I had originally planned).

I knew I needed to do more, to see more, to BE more.

And while I did get to take my few trips a year with my sorors or my man (and visit the Caribbean each summer as a kid, and there was also the year in Spain in college), I hated trying to convince myself that was enough.

I needed to let my hair down, experience new cultures and soak up the sun more than that.


Only problem was, I had no clue how to go from cubicle hell and the drudgery, to natural sunlight and getting lost in a new city on my current salary and without giving up my lifestyle.


It was a long road, with several bumps and a few successes along the way, but it went sorta like this:

  • Applied for (and got rejected from) a grad program that would’ve meant spending a year divided between savoring gelato in Italy and Shibuya shopping in Japan.
  • Devoured a million career development books, took dozens of personality assessment tests and workshops and researched the overall travel, tourism and hospitality industry relentlessly.
  • Realized I’d never be able to squeeze travel into the life I already had, I had to create a new life if I ever wanted to elevate my life.
  • Quit my job cold turkey and started studying for a masters in tourism (from the same school that rejected me, no less).
  • Took my first entry-level ‘job’ at a tourism company in Australia (which was more like a glorified internship).
  • Came back to the U.S. and worked several other jobs almost-perfect careers, including working under the VP of Tourism for the City of Philadelphia, managing camera-toting tourists all around Times Square as an operations director, and teaching classes on tourism at one of the nation’s most prestigious universities, NYU.
  • And then finally, after 9 years of trial and error, nabbed my dream career in retail tourism marketing – which included flying to a new country every month and swiping the company AmEx as I promoted shopping tourism to international travel execs – and worked my way up to a senior executive.

But here’s what I’ve learned along the way: It’s much easier to land a job that lets you travel and enjoy a life of luxury, freedom and fancy hotels than people let on – there’s just nobody teaching it.

And that’s why Professional Jetsetter exists.

(Oh, and also because women were constantly asking me, “How in the world can I do what you do?)

Today, I divulge all my secrets to jetsetters-to-be inside my Professional Jetsetter Academy, a world-class group coaching program that breaks down exactly what to do to bridge the gap between clueless to clued in when it comes to finding a career in travel, tourism and hospitality.

I get it. Travel isn’t something you’s who you are. That’s why I love guiding women through defining what’s unique about them, what skills to focus on, and how to position themselves to enter the travel industry with total ease.

Let’s turn your travel daydreams into your day job, shall we?


You In?