Travel Career Strategist Kimberly Ramsawak


You’re smart, successful and strong-willed.

You’ve done it all the 'right way.' Checked all the boxes.

You’re the type who’s always thinking, always doing and always moving on up.

So honestly, it’s not a shock that today you’ve ‘got it all’ – the great benefits. The generous salary. The gorgeous apartment.

You know your skills and you’re capitalizing on them, and as a result, you’ve scaled the corporate ladder in your stilettos (and you’ve looked good doing it, obviously).

But sometimes you wonder, “What’s it all for?”

Now that you’re at the top, it feels like you’ve hit a plateau. You’re coasting, not challenged.

Every day rolls on like this:

Sign the check. Go to the meeting. Grab the Starbucks caramel macchiato with sugar free syrup. Assign the tasks to the team. Rinse. Repeat. YAWN.

You're a top performer (especially when it's something you're excited about). But it’s hard NOT to think, “Is this it?” or “Wow, I really can’t do this until I retire.” You love your life, your family and your job (most days) but what you hate is the ROUTINE.

The corner office you used to yearn for now feels like a literal ball and chain.

And the only time you get a little reprieve? A moment to yourself, to breathe? To explore? To try new things? To let your hair down?

Is when you go on vacation.


That’s when you feel the most alive. When you feel most like YOU.

On vacation, there’s no one to impress (no one who knows you anyway). You get to meet exciting new people, soak up the books you’ve always wanted to read, try a delicious new dish you’ve never even heard of before (and probably can’t pronounce).

You get to explore. You get to admire. You get to EXPERIENCE.



  • Secretly fantasize about taking a month off (and maybe not coming back.)
  • Plot your next real – or imagined – trip in your mind (and we’re NOT talking your annual conference in Chicago.)
  • Get a little jealous when you check Instagram and see other women living global lifestyles, snapping pics in front of the Eiffel Tour or the dazzling blue ocean and whitewashed houses of Santorini.
  • Literally count the days every year until your two-week vacation to somewhere new (your passport is filling up but a lot slower than you’d like.)
  • Live for long weekend road trips to see your sorority sisters.
  • Feel like you can’t travel because you can’t afford it or you couldn’t get the days off work even if you could.

So for now? You’ve decided to just work harder and wait to travel until you retire. Or the kids are grown. Or your husband finally gets more freedom in his schedule.

But you know something is missing. And you know that honestly, something needs to change.

You’re tired of working your butt off to save up for just a few trips a year.

You’re tired of only ‘feeling like yourself’ for 7-10 days max – like while you're strolling cobblestone streets in Montmartre, or feeling the strong Caribbean sun on your skin.

And you’re really tired of the fact that you don’t know what to do about it.



  • Get paid what you’re worth AND wander the world.
  • Have more freedom and flexibility in your schedule.
  • Treat life like a permanent vacation.


  • Giving up a stable salary.
  • Learning a new skill or throwing away your ‘corporate clout’.
  • Moving overseas and leaving all the people you love behind.

You don’t have to lead a boring, uneventful, mediocre life.

And you don’t have to give up everything you know and love to travel.

There’s a better way to see the world.


A 12-week career training & success program for travel-obsessed women like yourself who are ready to have an unique career that pays you to travel the world, while doing work you love, so you can live a global lifestyle without giving up all the good you’ve got going on at home.


It’s comprehensive career coaching that’ll walk you through the core steps you need to take to:

  • Figure out your unique skill set and strengths
  • Explore travel career options (Destination marketing? European trade shows? Social media for a hip hotel? A study abroad company? PR for hospitality?)
  • Validate your career idea and make sure it’s the right one for you
  • Schedule, prep and show up armed and ready for informational interviews
  • Create a killer resume that gets you to the top of the pile
  • Nail your dream interview

So you can become a permanent professional jetsetter.



You’ll sashay away with at least one career path idea that requires international travel and is perfect for you based on your skillset. You’ll be ready to go out and interview with confidence. Basically? You’ll be well on your way to getting or settling into your dream travel career.

This will rock your world if:

  • You want to travel without having to become a nomad (or live out of a backpack or suitcase – AS IF all your clothes could fit in one).
  • You love the security of a stable, corporate job (and the entrepreneurial ‘laptop lifestyle’ sounds more like a nightmare than a dream come true).
  • You don’t want to move abroad for good because you LOVE the security of ‘home base’ (with your nice car and favorite corner grocery, to boot).


  • You’re looking for a program to magically solve your problems or get you out there traveling without having to do anything in return.
  • You’re not ready to do the work (I expect you to take action throughout the program because I know that if you do the work, you’ll achieve results in your career and your life.)
  • You’re a tire kicker or have outrageous expectations.
  • You want to get paid a lot of money while you jet set around the world, without having to actually add value to a particular company or organization.
  • You’re into cookie cutter blueprints.
  • You expect results overnight (Sometimes finding our way into our career paths can take time, but if you follow the process I teach you’ll be well on your way!)

Wanna Find Out If This Is Right For You?
Book your
complimentary Professional Jetsetter Breakthrough Session

If what I’m saying hits you right in the heart, then I’d love to help you figure out how to take your career and life to the next level. Hop on a free call with me for 45 minutes and we’ll cover these things:

  • Honest assessment of your current career situation.
  • How to use your career to start traveling more in 90 days.
  • Exactly what you can do to get crystal clear on your next steps.

By the end of the Professional Jetsetter Breakthrough Session, you’ll have a solid plan of action to create a career + global lifestyle once and for all that’ll have people eyeing you saying “Must be nice” and “You’re so lucky.”


Don’t waste another day at a job that doesn’t allow you to travel. 




Hi, I’m Kimberly Ramsawak, travel career strategist, global lifestyle coach and the creator of the Professional Jetsetter Academy.

I know right now you might be thinking:

“But I don’t wanna switch careers. There’s no way I could do MY job and travel.”

“Won’t I have to leave my kids/husband/lover behind all the time?”

“Is this even really possible?”

Trust me, not long ago I felt just like you. I thought I had to compartmentalize my love for travel and my love for getting ahead in my career.

I thought ‘a career in travel’ meant making $12/hour as tour guide or signing up to be a flight attendant and ‘going places’ without ever seeing them. (No thanks.)

It wasn’t until I applied for an International Business graduate program – and was denied – that I realized there’s actually a whole range of travel careers out there that would allow me to make a stable salary and see the world.

I’ve always loved travel. I’ve always loved how it made me feel ALIVE, made my heart beat a little faster, and made my life feel just a little more meaningful.

After dabbling in several tourism jobs that didn’t actually require travel, I finally nabbed my dream career as National Director of Tourism Marketing & Development for America’s largest department store (really!). And for over a decade, I got to travel all over the world professionally.

Enjoying my fair share of free skincare products while flying business class.

Doing deals.

Attending trade shows.

Dining at 5-star restaurants and staying at top-tier hotels.

...And doing it all on the company’s dime, which was a nice perk. ;)

The job satisfied my love for travel AND my love for nice things. My love for adventure AND my love for stability.

And did I mention I also got to bring along my hubby, sister and other guests? (I know people who bring along their children!)

So yes, there IS a way to see the world and have stability, too. It’s just that not a lot of people talk about it, and even less teach others how to get it.

Until now.



You don’t have to choose a job that shackles you to your desk and forces you to give up travel. And you don’t have to live the life of a backpacker and stuff all your belongings into a suitcase.

There IS a middle ground. And I know if you’re anything like me, you like your life. You like nice things. And you like having a HOME base.

...You just don’t want to be there ALL the time.

That’s where being a Professional Jetsetter comes in.


When you join the Professional Jetsetter Academy, you’ll learn how to find the perfect travel career for you. Which means a job that allows you to:

  • Use the skills you already have.
  • Travel FOR work.
  • Get paid well for it (cha-ching!).

This program isn’t about asking you to make a radical career change overnight.

It’s about taking the first steps necessary for finding a career that works for you, what you’re good at and what you ultimately want from life. In fact, it’ll take us TWELVE FULL WEEKS of working together before I’ll nudge you to get out there and start interviewing for your travel dream job. So don't feel overwhelmed.

For the first half of the program, we’ll work on finding a career that’s SO perfectly suited for YOU that both you (and the company) CAN’T say no. And then, we’ll work on the essential skills you need to get mentally and emotionally prepared to head into your interviews with confidence.

So don’t worry if you’re feeling a bit like WHOA, this is huge.

Because we’re going to break it down, make it simple and I’m going to hold your hand every step of the way as you transition from dreaming to doing. (Or from stagnant to skyrocketing!)

So, if you’re serious about a career change and you’re ready to make that good vacation-feeling last all year long, I seriously encourage you to come join us.

I’ll save you a seat in the cabana!

The Professional Jetsetter Academy is available by application only. Use the link above to reserve your complimentary Professional Jetsetter Breakthrough Session to find out if it’s the perfect next step for you.


The Passport To Travel Career companion course is is the bread and butter of the program, and specifically includes:


Schedule your complimentary Professional Jetsetter Breakthrough Session


  • Success Visioning & Mindset Orientation
  • Passport To Travel Career Companion Course
  • Professional Jetsetter Membership Site Access
  • Itinerary Emails
  • 12 Weekly Live Group Coaching Calls
  • Call Replays
  • Unlimited Email Access
  • Exclusive Facebook Community Access

You’re a total boss, and the time is NOW to get you a career that pays you to travel like one. You’re 12 weeks away from creating the global lifestyle of your dreams with more adventure, more excitement and far more ease.

Take your time exploring the tour guide below for Passport To Travel Career – this is your opportunity to become a professional jetsetter, and I believe every personal & career investment should be taken seriously. 

  • Module 1- Preparing Your Journey

    + Uncover the #1 tactic you must always use to find your dream travel job.
    + Learn how to stop worrying about not having travel industry experience.
    + Identify the tricks your mind plays on you that can stop you from travel career success.
    + Learn the major mistakes I made that prevented me from breaking into the industry quicker (and how to avoid them.)
    + Why you’re actually a traveler already, and the serious consequences of adhering to the “quit your job, travel the world” philosophy.
    + The key difference between successful and unsuccessful globetrotting women.
    + 5 reasons why the travel industry is perfect for you.
    + How succumbing to the “Naysayer Syndrome” paralyzes your career growth.
    + 3 things you learned from general career experts, your parents and school, that delay your progress.
    + How to be a travel job magnet and stand out like the star you are.

  • Module 2- Activating Your Compass

    + Why understanding yourself is the first step in identifying your dream travel career.
    + Discover the 4 elements that make up your “unique pattern of authority” and how to use that to become confident about what value you can bring to the travel industry.
    + How to tap into the hidden universe of highly transferable expertise already inside you (draw it out so you never again feel like you don’t have anything to bring to the table.)
    + Why your values are so important to maintain career success and how knowing exactly what you value in the workplace can help you in the future.
    + The secret to realizing career success from day one, regardless of your experience. (This is the step most people overlook, but can launch you into greatness when implemented correctly!)
    + A brainstorming technique to help you quickly & painlessly decide whether a particular job is suitable for you.
    + Exactly how to tell your network you’re changing careers to the travel industry.

  • Module 3- Travel Career GPS

    + How to explore and evaluate travel career ideas using a 3-part formula for major career direction clarity.
    + An insider’s guide to the 4 hottest travel industry career paths.
    + The 4 stages of positions the typical travel professional follows.
    + How to identify the right travel job titles that match your interests.
    + How to use the “Ocean Technique” to get instant clarity and define your travel dream job.
    + The “3 Stages of Career Awareness” and which one will help you to expand your travel career possibilities.
    + My comprehensive list of the most common and hidden businesses within the entire travel industry, (I’m even revealing the top websites and associations that can lead you to where the jobs really are!)
    + What to expect from each job type- from sales and marketing to finance, technology, research, planning and more.

  • Module 4- Choosing Your Ideal Travel Career Destination

    + Learn the new way to search for jobs in the travel industry that goes against everything you thought you knew about job searching, but gets you clarity – and results – way faster.
    + How to find and choose your perfect-match travel companies based on your job goals.
    + The #1 thing most job seekers focus too much of their time and energy on.
    + How (and what) to effectively research to find out just what you need to know about your targeted travel companies.
    + How and where to find inside information about travel companies – and use it to (basically) read the minds of hiring managers.
    + How to backward design your job search and begin with the end in mind.
    + How to identify your ideal opportunities and eliminate options that don't fit.
    + How to transform all of your knowledge and research into an organized "Professional Jetsetter Playbook" that’ll guide you in your next steps.
    + Examples of transferable skills that’ll get you hired in a snap.
    + The top travel trends influencing the growth of new career opportunities in the travel industry.

  • Module 5- Charting Your Course

    + Learn 2 unconventional methods to determine if your skills are valuable to the travel industry and if your career idea is in demand.
    + How to use the “Souvenir Technique” to break through information overload, filter and narrow down your options and choose a travel career wisely.
    + A framework for avoiding shifting into a career you hate, so you know you’re going in the right direction (without fear of getting bored or changing your mind.)
    + How to use the “TripAdvisor Technique” to determine if you like a travel job before committing (and without leaving the safety of your current job.)
    + How to get access to industry VIPs who can give you a backstage pass to pivotal career opportunities for free.
    + Ready-to-use “Conversational Template” full of powerful questions you can ask when meeting with busy professionals (I’ve personally used these with CEOs and hiring managers with incredible results!)

  • Module 6- Building Your Global Brand

    + Why your brand matters when it comes to positioning yourself as a professional jetsetter.
    + How to find your brand story within your chosen travel career path.
    + How to develop a “Personal Value Proposition” that’ll serve as your gateway into your dream travel company.
    + How to successfully position yourself in an entirely new field, even if you have no experience.

  • Module 7- Becoming A World-Class Business Traveler

    + How to get and keep the attention of travel professionals (yes - busy CEOs, hiring managers, and potential mentors) and consciously connect (not network) and build lasting relationships with them the right way.
    + Done-for-you email templates and my powerful “Maintaining The Momentum” technique, designed for you to stay at the top of travel professionals’ minds so that when opportunity comes knocking, you'll be the first one they call.
    + How to add value to travel industry executives even if you think you “don't have anything to offer.”
    + What to include in your resume in order to highlight your strengths and make you the obvious choice for the position of your dreams and how most people waste their time when trying to write the perfect resume.
    + How to create a “narrative toolbox” to effortlessly engage with your prospective employer and rise head-and-shoulders above the competition.
    + My proven email and cover letter templates you can use to “wow” a hiring manager.
    + How to prep for your best interview ever without memorizing canned questions and answers.

So, Are You Ready To Get Paid To Travel?


The Professional Jetsetter Academy is available by application only. Use the link above to schedule your complimentary Professional Jetsetter Breakthrough Session to find out if it’s the perfect next step for you.

  • Can anyone do this?

    Yes! Most people who invest in the Professional Jetsetter Academy have careers that involve little to no travel. The Academy is designed to teach even total beginners everything you need to get started as a travel professional and apply the skills you do have to take your career in an exciting, new direction. No prior experience necessary, you don’t have to know anyone in the industry, and you don’t have to be from any certain industry or expertise.
    You don’t even need an idea. I’ve put together a process and a set of exercises dedicated to the discovery, development and implementation of a travel career path that’s best suited for you - regardless of what level you're currently at in your career. I got you covered.

  • How much time will this take? I’m busy with work, family, etc.

    Don't worry, Passport To Travel Career is a self-paced course and comes with lifetime access, so you can take a break from the material if you're out of town, on vacation, or just swamped for a few days. I get it! Interruptions happen, and your Passport To Travel Career course will always be available whenever you're ready. You’ll have the freedom and flexibility to work through the program at your own pace 24/7. (And BTW, it’ll take just about 3-5 hours per week to go through the course material. The more time you put in, the faster you’ll see results.)

  • What if I decide this isn’t for me? Do you offer refunds?

    I’m fully committed to helping you change your career and your life. However, I do not offer refunds because I know that if you take action and do the Professional Jetsetter Academy work, you’ll get results. Let’s keep it real. If you pay for a gym membership would you ask for a refund if you don’t lose those 10 pounds? Of course not! And it’s the same here - the only thing I can guarantee is that I’ll give you everything you need to succeed. After that, it's your job beautiful.

  • Can you guarantee me a travel job?

    Nope. If I promised you that this program would land you a job, it’d be like a gym promising you’d absolutely lose those last stubborn 10 lbs. just for signing up. But, what I can guarantee is that this program gives you everything you need to succeed. I’m literally sharing ALL the exact steps (and resources) I took to go from an unpaid Intern to the National Director of Tourism Marketing & Development, where I got paid to travel to over 80 cities across 5 continents. If you’re committed, you make no excuses, and you do the work - this program is for you!

  • What if I can’t make a live call?

    All our calls will be recorded and links will be provided within the exclusive Professional Jetsetter Academy membership site (as well as all other weekly content – yup, it’s all in one convenient place!). You can listen to the calls at your convenience if you miss one live, or if you just wanna give it a second go.

  • What if I’m not ready now? Will you be offering Professional Jetsetter Academy again?

    I honestly don’t know how often I’ll offer this program, especially LIVE and at this price point. Plus, I only accept a limited number of women into the program per enrollment period. And honestly, if you’re feeling the tug to do this course, that probably means it’s the right time for you.
    There’s never a time in life when you’re ever truly “ready” to do anything. You’ll always be busy and always doubt your “readiness.” If you’ve said to yourself, “I’d love to have a job where I get paid to travel,” then this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. The sooner you start learning the strategies I cover in the program, the sooner you can start to travel and do work that you love.

  • Will I get 1:1 time with you?

    Yep! There are weekly calls during the 12 weeks of the Passport to Travel Career modules where you can receive laser coaching from me personally, plus office hours during the initial orientation phase.
    And don’t forget: The Professional Jetsetter Academy is truly unique in that you not only have the opportunity to get one of a kind individual attention, you’ll also get extra accountability and sisterhood from the support of other like-minded, travel obsessed women inside our private Facebook group. My goal is that you’ll feel wildly supported every step of the way.

  • Couldn’t I just Google this?

    Nowadays, anyone can Google anything. But when it comes to the content inside Professional Jetsetter Academy, I know for a fact this is something not a lot of people are talking about, and even less people are teaching. And this isn’t just regurgitated information. You’re getting an insider’s look at unique career opportunities from someone who has already been there, lived it and has the connections and know-how to help you get a serious leg up.

  • How is this program different than other programs?

    I don’t know of any other group coaching program that provides such a high-level of coaching and travel career-specific support. During the Academy, I’ll personally guide you, make sure you are on the right track, listen to what you truly want and support you with the exact next steps, rather than settling for another pre-packaged job solution.
    But please note, while I know you can walk away from this program with a dream job (or well on your way to one), it’s not so much about picking the perfect job right away or figuring everything out overnight. It’s really about finding the one travel career idea that’s right for you so you can break into the travel industry with ease AND create long-term career success. All you have to do is show up and take consistent, focused action, and I promise you’ll get there.

  • Why should I choose you as my coach?

    Great question! I’m uniquely qualified to teach this stuff because I built my own highly successful travel career – from scratch. I started with zero contacts and zero experience. Today, I have over 18 years of corporate experience in sales and marketing, 15 of which have been in the travel, tourism and hospitality industry. I’ve restructured entire corporate tourism departments and managed human resources, interviewing and hiring over 100 professionals for various tourism and hospitality positions. (And, in case you’re curious, I also hold a Bachelor’s Degree in International Marketing and a Master’s Degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management.)
    I like to think of what I provide as a blend of life and career coaching. At the end of the day, what I’m really doing is challenging you to think differently, to behave differently, and to become the professional jetsetter I know you’re meant to be!

  • Do I get access to the entire Professional Jetsetter Academy program all at once?

    No. The curriculum is carefully designed so that you complete each weekly Module and the corresponding action plans, in order. This is a proven program and it’s vital that you follow the system. If you’re the type of person who always wants to “jump ahead,” and get to the “good stuff” because you “know all this already,” this may not be the right program for you. Everything has been designed to maximize your results and long-term success. And the best part? Once you complete the full Professional Jetsetter Academy program, you get lifetime access and can re-visit the modules in any order you like.


Still have an unanswered question? Ready to hop on a call and talk about becoming a professional jetsetter?


It Only Takes One Step In The Direction Of Your Travel Dreams.

Explore The World On Your Own Terms